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Climate change and human influences on sediment fluxes and the sediment budget of an urban delta: the example of the lower Rhine–Meuse delta distributary network Authors: J. R. Cox, F.E. Dunn, J.H. Nienhuis, M. van der PerkM. G. Kleinhans

Year: 2021

A global open-source database of flood-protection levees on river deltas (openDELvE) Authors: J. O’Dell, J.H. Nienhuis, J. R. Cox, D. Edmonds, P. Scussolini

Year: 2021

Anthropogenic Effects on the Contemporary Sediment Budget of the Lower Rhine-Meuse Delta Channel Network Authors: J. R. CoxY. HuismansS. M. KnaakeJ. R. F. W. LeuvenN. E. VellingaM. van der VegtA. J. F. HoitinkM. G. Kleinhans

Year: 2021

The vulnerability of tidal flats and multi-channel estuaries to dredging and disposal. Authors: Wout M. van DijkJana R. CoxJasper R.F.W. LeuvenJelmer CleveringaMarcel TaalMatthew R. HiattWillem SonkeKevin VerbeekBettina Speckmann, and Maarten G. Kleinhans

Year: 2021

RiverFlow 2020 Conference paper – An estuary out of equilibrium: The importance of dredging in determining the net sediment flux in the Rhine-Meuse Estuary. J.R. Cox, M.G. Kleinhans & Y. Huismans

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Sedimentation Enhancing Strategies – &

Water Climate and Future Deltas Hub, sediments matter:


NKWK 2019 – Developing a sediment budget – poster

NCR 2020 – Sediment budget for the Rhine-Meuse Estuary – poster

EGU 2020 – Future Sediment Budgets Poster

EGU 2020 – Importance of role models for diversity in geosciences

AGU 2020 – Future sediment delivery and distribution of the Rhine-Meuse Delta (Netherlands)

Brunings Lecture 2020 – Speaker

NCR 2021 – Future sediment budget and distribution for the
Rhine-Meuse delta
& A multi-criteria analysis for sediment management

EGU 2021 – Head Convener – The future of estuaries and deltas: natural processes and human interference

AGU 2021 Saved by sediment: a review of sedimentation enhancing strategies for river deltas

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